Laser Tag

Embark on a revolutionary Laser Tag experience with our reimagined concept, inspired by a thrilling computer game, guiding players through Arenas that authentically resemble kid-friendly abandoned buildings. Our commitment to innovation extends to the extraordinary game equipment sourced from, transforming your Laser Tag adventure into an unforgettable journey.

Among our remarkable additions is the Super Nova Bomb, a game-changer. Experience the intensity of SIRIUS, offering 8 game modes, versatile light tap or shot activation, Engage in strategic battles with the Domination Box, featuring 5 modes that record capture through shots and time. Or take your Laser Tag experience to the next level with the MULTISTATION, a versatile game device boasting 7 operating modes. With this state-of-the-art equipment, every Laser Tag session becomes a captivating adventure, blending technology and creativity for an unparalleled gaming experience.


TEAM PLAY – Teams are formed, and the mission is clear: eliminate as many opponents as possible within a designated time frame. As the clock ticks down, the team with the highest tally of eliminations emerges victorious at the game’s conclusion

CAPTURE THE POINT – Engage in the adrenaline-pumping challenge of capturing and securing designated zones! Hold your ground for a thrilling duration, and as the clock ticks down, the team with the most exhilaratingly captured points will claim victory at the game’s climax!

CAPTURE THE FLAG – Teams have flags positioned at their bases, aiming to seize the opposing team’s flag and safely return it to their own base. Victory is claimed by the team with the highest number of captured flags at the game’s conclusion.

ONE BULLET IN THE CHAMBER (GOLDEN GUN) – Inspired by the classic “James Bond, GoldenEye game (Golden Gun),” our thrilling game features a one-shot, instant-kill mechanism. But here’s the twist – there’s a 6-second reload time. Make every shot count, as the first player to reach 30 kills emerges victorious!

Fortress – Shoreup and defend your “Fortress.” Can you and your team withstand the relentless assault of the enemy hordes converging on your base, striving for their moment of glory?

100+ GAME MODES – With over 100 game modes and variations, there’s no shortage of fun and challenges to be had. And when you’re all geared up, we have two unique arenas to explore.



The Falcon is the name of our tagger that you’ll be shooting your enemies with. Including recoil, health, ammo displays and the ability to change mode from RPK, Sniper, Pistol as well as just automatic.


Headbands go around your head as a target. Technically, you don’t need to wear these, but it adds more to the experience of not wanting to poke your head around the corner when you are playing.


Our shock bands create a far more immersive and realistic experience when you get shot, based on a system not too dissimilar to the tense machines you used to see a lot of in the 90s for your abs.

We’ve also include grenades, a ‘Supernova Bomb’, multi-stations and more.


A communication laboratory with obstacles and strategic spots, perfect for taking down your opponents.

With a prop kitchen and oil drums to hide behind, providing excellent vantage points to ambush your rivals. Come and experience the thrill of laser tag like never before!

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