Escape Rooms

In the year 2259, our world stands on the brink of collapse, its resources dwindling, and its lands scarred by ceaseless conflict. Humanity teeters on the edge of extinction, facing a grim reality. Amidst the ruins of this desolation, survivors emerge from the horrors of war, driven by an unyielding resolve to ensure the continuity of our species.

Among these survivors, a faction known as the “Vanguards” has risen with a noble purpose. Their mission is to rally the fractured structure of humanity, uniting them under a banner of equitable and sustainable existence. In stark opposition stands the “The Remnants,” a group of researchers and scientists who have weathered the storm with a ruthless creed: to hoard every resource they encounter, leaving outsiders to perish in their wake.

Recent intelligence has brought to light a sinister revelation—the Remnants operates a clandestine research facility. Within its walls, they delve into the forbidden realm of genetically modified soldiers. These aberrations are meticulously engineered to eliminate any remaining survivors beyond their ranks, sealing humanity’s fate. The Vanguard, driven by the light of compassion and justice, are resolute in halting and reverse this abomination.

As a member of the Vanguard ranks, your destiny is intertwined with a perilous task: infiltrate the heart of the Remnant’s stronghold. Your mission encompasses two paramount objectives—to unearth the invaluable knowledge secreted within the facility’s depths, knowledge that could mend the world, and to obliterate the structure that houses this malevolence. An inside ally has left behind an intricate trail of clues, a lifeline guiding your path through the labyrinthine facility. Yet, remember, the shadows are rife with guards, and your every step must be fortified with caution and resolve.

For The Remnants, a grave duty binds you. Safeguard the fruits of your labour, the culmination of relentless research, and staunchly defend the citadel of progress you call home. Whisperings of sabotage have sown doubt, within your sanctum. The conventional keys to your dominion might fail you. Thus, you are weapons free to quell threats on sight, for in this volatile world, survival is a matter of ruthless necessity.

In this epoch of shattered hope and boundless strife, the forces of two worlds collide—those who seek redemption through unity, and those who clutch power with unyielding hands. The echoes of your choices will reverberate through the tapestry of existence, shaping the destiny of a world hanging in the balance.



Table Top Escapes Boxes are a great way to put your mind to the test in a wide range of brain teasers that rely on teamwork, as well as thinking out of the box – only in the box! It’s also a much more cost-effective way to escape, at approximately £40 for 4 people!

Overload is a mini-Escape room experience played in the lobby for one to four players. With the time running out, you’re tasked with stopping the reactor from going into meltdown? This is perfect for pairing with any of our other activities.

You unearth an old treasure chest and can’t help but wonder about the journey that led it to this very spot or what might be buried inside. Solve all the puzzles, find all the clues and be the first to open up the box of treasures.

In 1986, as an MI-6 agent, you intercept a KGB package en route to East Germany. The package contains a 10KG box with important information and a secret mission. Your task is to prevent theft of classified information before a timer erases it and deactivates the mission.


In our Outdoor Escape capers you can to immerse yourself in an interactive adventure, exploring the historic, picturesque streets of Gravesend. Our unique experience demands you to solve clues and complete challenges, combining the excitement of an Escape Room with the thrill of a scavenger hunt.

As you make your way around Gravesend, you’ll encounter fascinating landmarks and hidden gems never noticed before. So whether you’re a local looking for a new way to explore your hometown, or a visitor eager to discover Gravesend’s rich history, Future Survival’s Outdoor Escapes are the perfect way to spend a day.

Our games are designed to be challenging yet accessible, suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. You’ll need to use your wits and teamwork to crack codes, decipher puzzles, and outsmart your opponents in a race to the finish line.

It’s a great experience for all kind of groups and parties, including friends and family, colleagues and co-workers and clubs and hobby groups. Get ready for the ultimate escape, in an adventure that uncovers new perspectives on old Gravesend.

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