Airsoft Speedrun

Prepare for an exciting adventure that tests your agility and precision as you tackle 24 Attack Sense targets strategically placed throughout the course. Your mission: complete the run as swiftly as possible.

Engage in up to three thrilling runs, each providing a chance to better your time. Whether you choose to conquer the course solo or engage in a head-to-head battle against another participant, the challenge remains the same – take out all 24 Attack Sense targets with speed and precision.

The clock becomes your constant companion, measuring not just your speed but the accuracy with which you conquer each target. As you navigate the course, the anticipation builds, creating an atmosphere charged with energy and determination.

At the end of this heart-pounding challenge, the fastest participant, the one who flawlessly navigates the course with unmatched speed and precision, will be rewarded. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience where each run offers a chance to better your time and revel in the thrill of victory!

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